SiLA 2 hands on : bringing automation to the laboratory

Let’s set the scene

  • Your equipment was not designed to be integrated into any IT system and you are left with no choice than to live with it or purchase new equipment
  • Your equipment has some kind of interface but very few of its capacities are exposed to interact with. You may not even be able to extract the data it produces
  • In the best case, you have a set of integration points covering most of the device functionalities, well documented and written in modern, non-proprietary language

Solving the integration issues with SiLA 2

Client - Server concept

Feature definitions

  • Properties: data values that can be static (e.g. serial number) or dynamic (e.g. current temperature)
  • Commands: an interaction to control or pass information to/from the SiLA Server
  • Parameters: expected information required to execute the command
  • Return values: expected output of the command
  • Errors: expected errors that might occur during the operation

Automated server and feature discovery

And many more…

  • Data types and transport
  • Encryption and authentication
  • Property subscription
  • Command progress updates
  • Instrument locking etc.

Building a simple storage system SiLA 2 driver

Creating a feature

Adding the feature to the server

Implementing the feature

Launching our server

Automatically created interface of our server feature within SiLA Browser

Wrapping up

Want to know more on SiLA ?

Useful links




Software engineer with a focus on manufacturing and laboratory automation , scientific software

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Matthieu Croissant

Matthieu Croissant

Software engineer with a focus on manufacturing and laboratory automation , scientific software

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